How Can I Start Fencing

How Can I Start Fencing

The best way to start is with a beginner's course.

Our next course should begin in the autumn.

These courses offer a structured way to get into the modern sport of fencing and learn alongside other people of the same level as you. As a sport fencing is suitable for a wide range of people and we regularly have people between 16 and 66. If you do suffer from any illness or are unused to exercise we do advise you to consult with a doctor before starting.

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During the course you will be taught the basics of fencing with a foil as this represents a good entry into the sport and we suggest that you stick with foil for a while afterwards before trying another weapon.

In order that you get the most out of the course we keep numbers fairly low so places are very limited so if you are really keen to try fencing we suggest you book early.

The next course will begin 23 February 2023 and will last for 6 weeks. It will be held during the usual club evening from 7:30pm till 9:30pm in our new venue at Oakgrove Leisure Centre. This will give you the chance to meet our current members and see the three weapons being used.

We recommend bringing a drink and a towel. Wearing a T-shirt and tracksuit trousers or something similar (no shorts), and trainers with good grip that are suitable for indoor use. All other equipment will be provided by the club.

The coach will be Nick Ashmenall, who has been fencing and coaching for many years now at a few local clubs.

The cost for the course will be a single payment of £55 which can be made online using our secure payment system.

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If you do have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please note that as we are a not for profit organisation, we are only able to offer refunds in exceptional circumstances and we reserve the right to ask for documentary evidence of the circumstances. We may instead offer a deferment to the next course offered.